A GUIDE TO AFTERNOON TEA Afternoon Tea is a lovely time honored tradition. Often enjoyed at a low table, with similarly low chairs, Afternoon Tea is served between the hours

THE HUMBLE HISTORY OF AFTERNOON TEA Let’s take a trip back in time. It’s 1881, forty years after the Afternoon Tea came into fashion and the American author, Henry James, is dipping his

Ages 4-12 School Closing: FCPS We offer a one of a kind camp experience. Daily activities include: high tea with healthy snacks, crafts and games, exercise at the local park,

MANNERS CAMP – THE ETIQUETTE SOLUTION FOR EVERY CHILD When should a child start using silverware? Why doesn’t my children look others in the eye? Is it all right to let

TO BE OR NOT TO BE (ON TIME): A DEFINITIVE GUIDE TO ARRIVAL Tardiness has become increasingly problematic and contagious. Casual arrival times and even more aloof ownership of lateness are

FIVE STEPS TO A MORE GRATEFUL CHILD We know the stories – ones that remind us the true meaning of the season, but unless we make these stories our own,

HOW TO ENCOURAGE YOUR CHILD TO ENGAGE AT THE TABLE With Christmas and Hanukah approaching, many of you have cracked open old family recipe books and are searching online for 

6 RULES EVERY CHILD SHOULD KNOW BEFORE DINING OUT You’ve had the reservation for weeks. Friday night is creeping up, accompanied by the familiar anxiety: how will my children behave in public? Dining out should be FUN. By