Manners Camp – the Etiquette Solution for Every Child


When should a child start using silverware? Why doesn’t my children look others in the eye? Is it all right to let children have screen time during meals?

Many modern parenting problems require not-so-modern solutions. For centuries, children have been required to introduce themselves to guests, engage in formal dining and put down toys when asked (the first time). So what’s changed? The rules are more relaxed and the toys more enticing.

Tried and true etiquette classics, like old family recipes, are at our fingertips! Manners Camp offers a sampling of these lessons, covering the basics in proper behaviors. There are so many benefits to a manners-focused day. We’ve created a shortlist based on our most frequent parent testimonials:

  1. Improved social performance – with curriculums increasingly omitting humanities, Mrs. B’s signature manners complement your child’s education with vital lessons in sociability – tailored for the whole spectrum of introverts to extroverts. Improved confidence is achieved by knowing how to behave in any setting – from the cafeteria to mom or dad’s office.
  2. Mealtime becomes an occasion – spare yourself the stress of dining out. Meal time manners are taught during our daily tea service. Children are ushered to the table, which they learn to set with all the trimmings, try new things, wait their turn and share the last treat.
  3. Creative doors are opened – dress up and creative play are all in a day’s work. Children are encouraged to express themselves, tell stories and explore in an “unplugged” environment with the help of Mrs. B’s costume wardrobes, classic toys, and everything needed for the ultimate tea party.
  4. Friendship is as easy as showing up – our camps remain intimate in size, allowing each child the opportunity to get to know other campers and staff. We are a family business and we pride ourselves on our ability to create and foster relationships between campers, their families, and new friends.
  5. Memorable manners become lifelong habits – what good is a lesson if it isn’t easy to remember? Mrs. B’s signature manners accompany every activity. Etiquette often has a stuffy reputation. At Tea with Mrs. B, we’ve traded stuffy for fun, simple tricks to achieve unforgettably good manners.

By registering your children for Manners Camp, they are entitled to an on-going skill building program, which is easily translated to daily life at home. Achieving a good etiquette practice is a win for everyone.

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