Welcome to Tea with Mrs. B

A Special Invitation for a Fancy Occasion

Join us for a cup of tea soon!

Perfectly designed for adults or children to make the sweetest memories over a cup of tea! Our special event tearoom, located in the heart of the greater Washington D.C. area, is the ideal setting for nearly any celebration. Whether you are hosting a private gathering or visiting the tearoom for one of our special events, every detail of your experience is thoughtfully crafted with you and your guests in mind.

Pinkies up!

Our table is set for delightful celebrations.

Private Parties

From elegant baby showers and bridal showers to children’s birthday parties and etiquette classes, our warm and inviting tearoom is the perfect backdrop for a day you and your guests won’t soon forget.

Events & Activities

Our special events calendar is always abuzz! Browse our schedule filled with children’s etiquette and manners courses, crafting and braiding activities, or the most regal of them all: our Royal Ball.

Would you, could you, be our guest?

Whether you choose our signature tea party or opt to customize your event, our team strives to create a fanciful atmosphere and takes care of every detail so you can enjoy the celebration as much as your guests!

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