Tea Party VS Electronics

If you want to generate a herculean Clash of the Titans in your very own home, try taking an iPad away from your little one. When they are aiming their rocket powered brain ship straight for the internet black hole, throw up a detour sign.  No cyclops or nadir of darkest waters could equal the squawks and screeches of a wee one denied their device, UNLESS there’s something of equal or better attraction to drift toward. You do not have to take them to Disney World or turn on the TV either!

teacup-vs-electronicsSo here is my suggestion. It is  a simple, joyful, tempting offer, one that promises to bring joy instead of glazed over eyes.  Try offering a trade: a real true, informal mini fete de te’ with colorful trimmings. In exchange for the latest mindless rabble of the ‘device’, try something different. It’s easy!

Cut a few slices of bread in circles or squares spreading cream cheese and slices of turkey or jelly with peanut butter, making a little savory sandwich.  Place fresh berries of choice in a small pretty bowl or dish focusing on color contrast, brightness, presentation, flavor and eye appeal. Make it pretty. Use a few toothpicks to spear the berries. Sprinkle with a pinch of granulated sugar. Make it interesting, inviting, imaginative, tasty. Add a few short spring flowers snipped from outdoors. Place them in a tiny vase alongside the tea service. A colorful napkin or two with equal settings of little cups and saucers brings it together.

Little china figurines are pretty to add too. A bird, a flower, a puppy, anything really to spark imagination.  If you have small spoons, demitasse size, place them alongside the cups and saucers. Sugar cubes and a tiny pitcher for milk are ideal. A small tea set from the Tea with Mrs. B’s ‘on sale’ collection is tempting.img_1024

Pouring the tea or juice is all you need to do to get the party started. Ready – set – GO!

There’s no way a child will choose a device or pad or cell phone when tempted with a pretty and alluring adventure. Invite them into reality, taste, flavors, charm, warmth to the tummy and building a memory that lasts, real conversations about their days’ activities and reliving the joy of their moments with you. Be present and enjoy a new memory. The tea party (and you) will always win over electronics.

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