Tea with Mrs. B Storybook

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Would you like to be Mrs. B’s guest? Come along, please say yes! With lessons perfect for every age, you’ll be hooked right from the first page.


Rebecca Czarniecki is best known as Mrs. B. She has enjoyed a life of travel, growing up all over the U.S. and in South America. No matter where she went, the one thing she could always count on was the importance of good manners.

Manners are no good if we don’t understand WHY we do them. No matter where you come from, how much money you have or how famous you are, good manners are the great equalizer! A tenet of etiquette is respect, and if you choose to greet others with respect, you’re halfway there!

She and her marvelous team have hosted 1,000’s of tea parties since 2007 in the heart of Falls Church, Virginia. Becoming an admired and sought-after venue by those of all ages, Tea with Mrs. B has continued to grow tremendously.

After brainstorming how we can best translate the magic of Mrs. B’s tea room to others, our book was born and is now available to reach you at your front door!

With almost 15 years in the business of etiquette, Mrs. B has found students who make good manners a part of their daily practice, even in little things,  tend to demonstrate more confidence, composure, are engaged and pleasant to be around.

Mrs. B will encourage and strengthen your child’s manners through this fun and easy read for all ages. The captivating illustrations and inspiring words will surely become a staple in your household. Whether you are reading for pleasure or just trying to count all of her honey bees throughout the book, you will certainly want to have this in your collection for years to come.

So go ahead, give a page a turn – you will be surprised what you can learn!

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About the Authors

Rebecca Czarniecki is best known as Mrs. B. She and her marvelous team have hosted 1,000’s of tea parties over the last 14 years. She is happily married with two lively, well-mannered children. The art of good manners comes from her Louisiana roots but she grew up in the west on motorcycles and in the mountains. Her faith in Christ sustains and keeps her balanced with a long list of miracles to prove it. Her God-given gift is connecting with people and sharing her joy for life, which her mother, Madeline, helped nurture.

Katie Roland first experienced the magic of Tea with Mrs. B® when she hosted her daughter’s 4th birthday at the tearoom. Katie is a mastermind curator of artful experiences, combining her trained eye in graphic design and wanderlust for all things lovely. She helped bring this book to life. She, along with her two daughters and charming husband, have fond memories of events at the tearoom. Each of their visits helped create an entertaining and memorable foundation for good manners.

About the Artist

Madeline Stine wanted to be an archeological artist when she was young. Instead, she traveled the world with her devoted husband, an indominable gold miner, and their three children. She wove her thread of artistry into all meaningful things. She is proof that where there is a will there is a way. All of the illustrations in this book were painted during her recovery from major surgeries, shoulders to knees.

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4 reviews for Tea with Mrs. B Storybook

  1. Pat Woods

    Five stars! Great book!

  2. Rosey Posey

    Outta this world beautiful! Send me ten today. You outdid yourself Mrs B if that is even possible. What a magical message for the child in us all.

  3. C.Lee Cawley

    This book is adorable! The words are perfect and teach what is polite. And the drawings are just divine! AND it was fun to look for the “hidden honeybees” as well! Highly recommend this delightful children’s book!

  4. Jean Freeman (verified owner)

    An excellent book for manners and enjoyable to read. The illustrations are charming and unique and I have given several away so far. This is definitely a five star children’s book!

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