About Mrs. B

ABOUT Tea with Mrs. B

A Special Event Tea Room with Etiquette Training and Camps in the heart of the greater Washington, D.C. area.

Rebecca Czarniecki, maven of manners, etiquette and poise, otherwise known as Mrs. B, hosts special event teas. She teaches people of all ages a mix of traditional and modern etiquette over a cup of tea. She grew up around the world; comfortable and at home wherever she was, collecting friends like treasures along the way.  A peace keeper, an entertainer and dancer, a ten o’clock scholar and a late night baker in her university years, Rebecca’s talent for entertaining is only surpassed by her passion for the happiness of others. Her academic prowess gave rise to attaining a graduate degree from the University of Denver, Colorado. Exercising her entrepreneurial skills as “The Muffin Lady,” she gained loyal patronage on the ski slopes and university, selling baked goods, is where she found her love for tea and children. A timely and fortuitous marriage saved her from the unbridled wild west of Colorado. She met and married Jesse Czarniecki of Indiana and settled down to a lovely cottage life in Arlington then McLean, Virginia. They happily parent a young son while watching over their cat, dog (a.k.a. “Mac the Manners Dog”), honey bees and a salt-water aquarium.


  • Private Parties
    Children’s Birthday Tea Party,  Wedding & Baby Showers, Scout Teas
  • Camps
    Camps – Individual Days, Spring Break, Summer and Snow Days
  • Manners

    Mr. Manners, Charm School, Social Outings, Adult & Corporate, Enrichment

  • Public Events
    Sophisticated Open Play, Royal Ball, Toddler Tea
Private parties
What you get at any TWMB party (for adults or children)
  • Flexibility and a team happy to serve you
  • Wide selection of optional add-ons to make your event unforgettable
  • We can accommodate a maximum of 20 seated or more for a buffet style tea
  • Wi-Fi and AV System
  • Additional time for any event as requested
  • An event coordinator to tend to all the details for your event
  • Private use of the tearoom
  • Staff to set up and cleanup
  • An event is scheduled and secured upon receipt of a $100 deposit and signed contract.  Please contact us at Info@TeawithMrsB.com or call 202-448-2930 to check for availability. Deposit is non-refundable.

BOYS and GIRLS welcome! Age appropriate manners instructions are sprinkled throughout our children’s parties, giving everyone the fancy experience of high tea. Mrs. B has imaginative, engaging activities and stories. A variety of optional add-ons complement the Mrs. B’s Signature Tea Party or your own customized themed tea. Guests always enjoy sophisticated, educational etiquette instruction, the full use of the tea room and a happy staff to lead everyone through the art of tea! Customized themes have included, but are not limited to: Royal Tea for princes and princesses, Favorite Doll, Spa, Dance, Fairies, Legos and MORE! Parties are 90-minutes with additional time as requested and scheduled.


The standard tea party program includes:

  • Full set-up and clean-up
  • A brilliant staff to entertain and enchant your guests
  • A child-friendly setting, decorated to accommodate a customized theme
  • Unique, custom tea table setting with fresh flowers
  • The use of lovely, crisp linens, china, crystal, silver and gold accouterment
  • Complimentary beverage; tea treats are catered separately


Optional Add-ons:

  • Hand-made invitations (mailed or delivered to you)
  • On-line invitations (RSVPs managed for you)
  • Party favors: Beautifully wrapped china tea cup OR Mrs. B’s newly published Manners Workbook
  • Balloons
  • Parents’ buffet tea table and service
  • Professional photography
  • Creative bakery and catering
  • Pony or unicorn rides
  • Real fairy visit

“Hands down (pinkies up) this is the best party I have EVER attended! This is coming from a grandmother who has hosted parties for my two children and attended countless more for my grandchildren! You deserve four stars just for the fact you actually use fine china and exquisite linens for children. Service and smiles were equally as memorable.”
~Teresa Chemino


Mrs. B’s Falls Church location is a perfect setting for private events such as Bridal and Baby Showers. We strive to make each event memorable and pleasant for all who organize and attend. Please email us for the adult event price list and contract or to check availability.


“Seeing as I am from out of town this made planning my friend’s shower a breeze. We loved every detail and the flexibility to do some of the décor and treats on our own. Thank you!”
~ Miss James


Girl Scouts are near and dear to Mrs. B’s heart. She offers special programs just for Scouts! Mrs. B is happy to accommodate any theme to assist scouts in earning badges as well. The Scout program is one hour and includes full use of the tea room, includes tea time treats and a customized lesson to fit the celebration.


“Our Troop loves you and the parents are appreciative, as well, for the lessons you shared with all of us. We were especially impressed with your creativity, sense of playful imagination, and your confidence-building approach. It was a fun and meaningful afternoon and we are grateful for your time and energy.”
~Mrs. Date


Additionally, Mrs. B is happy to lend her location for Private Events. All inquiries, please call or email.


Based on Fairfax, Arlington and Falls Church school calendars

Daily activities include arts & crafts, games, treasure hunts, exercise and dance, all while incorporating the importance of everyday manners! Broaden your child’s experiences by giving them the gift of culture and a healthy dose of all-day etiquette lessons while having FUN. By becoming part of our camp, your child is be entitled to an on-going skill building program and personal relationship development. We take great pride in honing good manners, proper etiquette and social graces so that your child can shine.

  • Camps are limited in size. Ages 4-12 years old welcome.
  • Optional add-ons are: extra care from 8-9am and 3-5pm and catered lunch.


8-9am: Early Bird Drop Off (optional)
9-3pm: Camp
9:15am: Greetings and making new friends
9:15-10am: Morning exercises – dance, yoga or treasure hunt
10-10:45am: Table time manners and tea
11-12:15pm: Dress up, makeup and fun play
12:30-1pm: Lunch then big-screen movie time to relax
1-2:30pm: Walk to the local park or crafts
2:45-3pm: Clean up and prepare for Parent Pickup
3-5pm: Late Owl Parent Pick Up (optional)


June 11-15 (1/2 day camp for pre-schoolers)
June 18-22
June 25-29
**JUST ADDED** July 9-13: American Girl Camp
**JUST ADDED** July 23-27: Princess Camp
August 13-17
August 20-24
August 27-31


School Closings/Teacher Work Days: Please find all current camp dates on the RSVP link at the top of this page.


Snow Days: We observe Arlington, Fairfax, Alexandria and Falls Church school closings. Please check the RSVP link at the top of this page for last minute “Snow Day” additions to our calendar! If it is not on there, give us a ring…we can often make last minute accommodations.


Camp reservations are non-refundable. It is our pleasure to transfer your registration to any available date within the same session (summer or school calendar year). Week long registrations may not be distributed over single dates and must run concurrently.


“This is my daughter’s favorite camp for the last 3 years. If she could spend the entire summer at TWMB, she would! It’s such a happy, enriching environment. Mrs. B and her team promote confidence, kindness, creativity, positive choices, flexibility and make it all FUN!”
~ Mrs. Holtry-Hughes


Join Mrs. B for occasional sophisticated afternoons or evenings out and about. She invites your child to join her as she ventures to theaters, specialty shows, art museums and other engaging excursions. Generally, all outings include a bite to eat so proper meal time manners are both encouraged and exercised. Dates, such as these, are a perfect way to put lessons from home to good use and show that good manners are the key to adventure, freedom and social grace.


Every young gentleman needs a fairy godmother to encourage him and instill comportment. Allow Mrs. B and her team of good-mannered helpers to introduce your son to fun, entertaining and engaging manners classes. Table time manners, conversational skills, confidence-building and being comfortable in social settings will be the focus of each class. Mrs. B also creatively interweaves suggestions by parents. Ages 6-10.


Twirl to Charm School with Mrs. B! Each class is tailored to refine social graces and explore the unique and relevant issues affecting young ladies today. Classes are held one class at a time with specific lessons for each meeting. A lunch, dinner or tea service allows us to cultivate comportment and canvass modern concerns challenging young women. Ages 7 years and older.


Mrs. B brings her magic to private deportment coaching for adults and/or teens who hope to brush up on their professional and everyday manners. From dining etiquette and social engagement, to business, Mrs. B employs her fun and unique adaption of classic etiquette to a modern audience. Two to three 45-minute sessions at the tearoom are suggested to implement the curriculum, put it into practice and ensure comprehension. Please inquire by email for availability. 


Mrs. B offers a special Manners and Tea program for elementary-aged children through school enrichment programs. Weekly classes are held after school and can be tailored to your school curriculum.  We have provided programs for the last 5 years throughout Arlington and Fairfax County and several private schools. We boast rave reviews with many children returning time and time again.

Public events

There is no need to unpack your grandmother’s fancy linens, lace and china. Adults and toddlers are invited to enjoy Mrs. B’s tearoom and antique treasures with their own sophisticated playtime and tea. Although Mrs. B does not often attend this event, guests are still encouraged to don their finest, teach and practice good manners and play pretend. Guests may read from Mrs. B’s library, dress-up, search for treasure then enjoy a light tea service with the prettiest demitasse teacups in town. Please visit the RSVP page for a current schedule of activities.


Allow your child to enjoy a decadent evening of dress-up, culture, treasure hunts, dinner and a short film on Mrs. B’s big screen projector. The evening encompasses Mrs. B’s signature table manners and the importance of introductions, greetings and all things royal. This is for children only, 4-years and older. Please visit the RSVP page for a current schedule of events.


Allow Mrs. B to take your child and you on an adventure through her magical tea room! The Toddler Tea is a monthly event hosted by Mrs. B for adults to enjoy an extra fancy outing with their toddlers (0-5 yrs). Guests delight in a manners-themed tea service, including story time and light dress-up. Worried your little one might be a bull in a tea shop? Fret not! Mrs. B believes tots should enjoy the finer things, too. After all, a broken tea cup here or there builds character. For the older children (6 yrs and older), please join the monthly Young Lady and Gentleman Tea. Please visit the RSVP page to purchase your tickets (one per person) and view a complete schedule of upcoming events.


“We always have so much fun and the lessons definitely come home with us!” ~ Mrs. Venos