how to write a voided check

By writing “void” on a personal cheque, you eliminate the ability for any recipient to cash it. Since there is no cash value and you haven’t signed or voided check dated it anywhere, it will not expire. You won’t need a void cheque very often, but it’s very inconvenient not knowing how to make one when you do.

See whether a preprinted deposit slip for a checking or savings account is acceptable. If for a business, direct payment or electronic payment is necessary then a voided check can be used to process the auto payment setup. A voided check has the word ‘void’ written across the check which is used to make it easier for providing banking information to someone and can be used for recordkeeping purposes. Rather than writing “void” on a check if a mistake is made when filling out the check, you can just rip it up or shred the check.

Write “void” in large letters across the front of the check

A voided check is a check that can no longer be accepted as payment from anyone. It has the word “VOID” written across it and therefore is not a blank check either. A voided check will still have your account details on it but it cannot be used to process any payment.

How do I get a voided check for direct deposit?

If you need a voided check to set up direct deposit with your employer, you have a couple of choices. You can take a check from your checkbook and write “void” across it in large letters and provide the check to your employer.If you don’t have a check to give, ask whether you can provide a counter check, a copy of a deposit slip, or a letter from your bank. You also might be able to provide your routing and account numbers directly.

The hub explicitly depicts about the facts related to void check. The hub contain practical information concerned to day to day transaction with check. As a voided check is a check that is not going to be used and shouldn’t be cashed. There might be some error into the check which make it really difficult to cash.

Voided check example

It will likely have your name, address, bank name, account number, and routing number. If someone has your voided check, they will be able to see and use all of this information. Voiding a blank check is the same as voiding a filled-out one.

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  • Voided checks are often used for setting up direct deposits or automatic payments.
  • In a world where electronic and online banking is so commonplace, it’s essential that you know how to void a check and how to use it to establish said link.
  • The check could still be run through the bank’s system for the incorrect amount, and you wouldn’t notice it until it came back to your bank.

As checkbooks become a bit more obsolete, it’s still good to have them at your disposal and you might be surprised how many people are still writing checks consistently. While owning a checkbook and writing checks to many people might seem a bit outdated, there are still plenty who prefer this method. By voiding a check, it can no longer be used as payment or to withdraw money. That way, you’re helping protect yourself if your check falls into the wrong hands. Voiding a check that should not be in use can also help prevent check fraud.

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