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A successful response indicates that the operation has been taken into account, but it may not have been executed yet. You can check the status of the operation via the taskID attribute and the get task status command. The taskID will mark the operation as completed once the settings are propagated to all replicas. When the query is successful, the HTTP response is a 200 OK. It contains values that match the queried text, and that are contained in at least one object matching the other search parameters.

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For more information on synonyms, please read our Synonyms guide. If the destination index already exists, its API keys are preserved, and the source API keys are added . If this parameter is added to the URL, the change is also propagated to replicas of this index. ObjectID is always retrieved, even when not specified. If not specified, all retrievable attributes are returned. Results will be received in the same order as the requests. This method creates a new record if one doesn’t already exist (and the createIfNotExists parameter isn’t set to false).

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When false, the engine will ignore a partial update on a nonexistent object. If you want to update only part of an object, use a partial update instead. To add entries to your own vocabulary, become a member of Reverso community or login if you are already a member. To exchange checks and bills or settle accounts through a clearing-house.

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  • To exchange checks and bills, and settle balances, as in a clearinghouse.
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  • The number of logs stored is governed by the retention period and the API calls limit .

You can check the status of the operations via the taskID attribute and the get task status command. Maximum number of API calls per hour allowed from a given IP address or a user token. Each time an API call is performed with this key, a check is performed. If the IP—or the user-token if it’s set—at the origin of the call did more than the specified number of calls within the last hour, the API returns a 429 status code. Unique identifier of the entry to add or replace in the stop words dictionary. This is essentially a multi-index version of Batch write operations.


The response lists all languages as ISO codes and their available dictionaries. If any of the words already exist in the standard dictionary provideed by Algolia, They’re replaced by the words you provide. Each Rule cleared synonym is created or updated, depending on whether a Rule with the same objectID already exists. You may also specify true for clearExistingRules, in which case the batch will atomically replace all the existing Rules.

cleared synonym

All operations will be applied in the order they are specified. You may use this parameter to specify parameters specific to this endpoint. You may also specify any number of other regular search parameters. Alternatively, parameters may be specified as a URL-encoded query string inside the params attribute.

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