About Tea with Mrs. B

Rebecca Czarniecki, maven of manners, etiquette and poise, otherwise known as Mrs. B, hosts special event teas. She teaches people of all ages a mix of traditional and modern etiquette over a cup of tea. She grew up around the world; comfortable and at home wherever she was, collecting friends like treasures along the way. 

A peace keeper, an entertainer and dancer, a ten o’clock scholar and a late night baker in her university years, Rebecca’s talent for entertaining is only surpassed by her passion for the happiness of others. Her academic prowess gave rise to attaining a graduate degree from the University of Denver, Colorado.

Exercising her entrepreneurial skills as “The Muffin Lady,” she gained loyal patronage on the ski slopes and university, selling baked goods, is where she found her love for tea and children. A timely and fortuitous marriage saved her from the unbridled wild west of Colorado.

She met and married Jesse Czarniecki of Indiana and settled down to a lovely cottage life in Arlington then McLean, Virginia. They happily parent a young son and new baby girl while watching over their cat, dog (a.k.a. “Mac the Manners Dog”), turtle, honey bees and a salt-water aquarium.


Private Parties

Children’s Birthday Tea Party,  Wedding & Baby Showers, Scout Teas


Camps – Individual Days, Spring Break, Summer and Snow Days


Mr. Manners, Charm School, Social Outings, Adult & Corporate, Enrichment

Public Events

Sophisticated Open Play, Royal Ball, Toddler Tea